Das Superpaper 19
Editor: Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris

pub.June 2011

The pictorial issue

If it ’s empty , fill it .
If it ’s full , empty it .
If it itches , scratch it .

In some respects this issue, nothing but images, is unexpected. In other ways it’s a very simple delivery on Das Superpaper’s promise: a national look book for the arts.

It’s a push-me-pull-you thing, the vibe, that’s brought us back to the simple task of looking. By and large a gentle walk through some recent Melbourne shows, this issue leaves the editorialising to you and the way you turn the page, not so much to the rhythm of some great inland sea.

—Nick Garner

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Producer – Nick Garner
Editor – Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris
Art Director – Elliott Bryce Foulkes
Sub-Editors – Jane Somerville, Robyn Stuart & Harry Wynter
Graphic Designer – Sarah Spackman