Das Superpaper 21
Edited by Jane Somerville

pub.October 2009

Make some noise

From the beginning, Das Superpaper has been about contemporary art from the artists’ point of view. To quote the first issue: “It’s their art, their world in their words”.

This issue looks to the writers and the prickly question of art criticism. We asked two critics for their thoughts, passed the responses over to our writers and laid it out on the following pages.

In these pages we put art, writing and ideas front and centre, carefully avoiding navel gazing like we might skirt past the inevitable oddball at a 21st birthday party.

Thanks goes to all the writers and artists and congratulations to the founders Nick Garner and Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris for reaching an important milestone in the ever-expanding world of Das Superpaper.

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Guest Editor – Jane Somerville
Producer – Nick Garner
Editorial Coordinator – Robyn Stuart
Art Director – Elliott Bryce Foulkes
Graphic Designer – Sarah Spackman
Sub-Editors – Robyn Stuart & Harry Wynter