The Sunshine

The Sunshine documents the series of exhibitions staged at Peryton, Oberon Journal’s exhibition space and bar in Copenhagen, from 2017–2019.

Alongside pictorial sequences from the 14 episodes in the series, the publication features new texts by Amelia Groom and the Iduna Institute for Strategic Imitation & Delay, Ida Marie Hede, Steven Zultanski and Nick Garner, with exhibition texts by Julia Morandeira, Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris, and Anne Kølbæk Iversen.

Published 2019

Specs: 160 pages, printed in Europe in full colour on uncoated Munken Polar FSC-C020637 (inside 130gsm, cover 300gsm, uncoated, de-bossed).
ISBN: 978-0-646-80650-1