Episode 06: Awake
Mette Rasmussen
Nov 1–25,  2017

Awake, 12 inch double-vinyl
each side 16 minutes 40 seconds

Recorded 9 October 2017, Trondheim, Norway.
Alto saxophone: Mette Rasmussen
Concept, Recording: Nick Garner
Mix: Chris Corsano

“There were five recordings, and we’re using the last four. They were recorded in sequence, with each responding to the one that came before. (So the first recording sets up the whole process.)

Each recording takes up one side of a 12-inch vinyl, four sides in total. The idea being that, across two records, the various different takes can be played in conversation with each other.

The first three recordings, including the initial take, were made in Mette’s practice studio, and the second two were made in the garden at Mette’s house.”

Documentation of recordings: practice studio and garden, Trondheim, Norway, 9 October 2017.

This project has been exhibited as a part of G((o))ng Tomorrow 2017, an annual festival of experimental music and sound art in Copenhagen; and assisted by the Danish Arts Foundation (Statens Kunstfond).

review, from Seismograph.org (in Danish)

Performance Documentation:
Saturday November 4, 2017

Photos: Mette Sanggaard Dideriksen,
for G((o))ng Tomorrow 2017.