Episode 08: Where the Sun Don’t Shine
Isabella Hemmersbach
Anna Clarisse Wæhrens
Ayse Dudu Tepe
Feb 1–28, 2018

“The first series of exhibitions at Peryton takes its name The Sunshine. Everybody loves the sunshine.” Encompassing an inherent wish to please the surroundings and not to offend anyone, this phrase exposes the impossibility of its aim. When I read the phase, I think of the German phrase “You can visit me where the Sun Don’t Shine, and I don’t mean London”.

Yes, many people might love the sunshine, but the current trend to censor oneself and others to avoid offending anyone has taken new heights (I’m not necessarily against this, but I just want us to discuss). How do you control what associations the other party will have when you say something? When are you an asshole and when is the person requesting (self)censorship an asshole? And what is an asshole?

Google Images shows the range of associations such a simple word can trigger: from male personalities which have fallen in disrepute, to a sexual preference and tantra techniques, and commercial solutions to get a tan in places where the Sun (normally) Don’t Shine. While Instagram takes it’s famous approach to just censoring everything that might offend anyone with “#asshole 856.949 posts” but “no posts” to show.

Exploring the random associations to the asshole, from the asshole as a physical entity with limited capacity, to predatory men like Peter Aalbæk who act like assholes (or am I the assholes to name him by name), to the asshole as something, which has to be “fixed” through consumption or training; this show meta mirrors the exhibition series it is part of, which shows a variety of unrelated practices related connected through a common, physical setting. Ultimately it explores the fine line between a culture- and site-specific interpretation of a concept and the personal association and reaction to it. What do you think about the asshole?

By posing this question to Anna Clarisse Wæhrens and Ayse Dudu Tepe, Isabella Hemmersbach invited to a dialogue about the asshole across media, methodologies and mindsets.

Isabella Hemmersbach

Anna Clarisse Wæhrens, Idolize, 2017, PVC, dyed pig intestines