Episode 13: ton&ton
Signe Boe
Jan 09–Feb 09, 2019

Word came first. From word appeared form and to word became form. Ton is the word, the form, the material, the entity. Ton and ton and ton and ton.

A hill in Rome is formed from millions of broken tuns. Remains of the Roman Empire’s trade, fragments of travelled @mphorae, from Tunis, Tangier, Aragon @Rome. We think we were born with this sign but it gave birth to us: products of a consumption culture, detached ornaments, the history is online.

A pdf of a theoretician with a German name, pronounced in English by the Danes – oh ton o ton! compares the translation of language with the repaire of a broken vessel. We relate to eachother through metaphorical containers. What’s in it for me? Our ruined understandings of each other. I say [toːn] and see a mended vase from the shards of Monte de Cocci; a mountain of tons of tuns and tones on tones on tono tono tono.

ton&ton is an exhibition of sculptural manifestations of outspoken words. Signe Boe (b.1988) lives and works in tono ton tono tono. Her practise ton tono tono tono tono tono ton tono. Ton tono ton tono C.C.C. Projects tono Kunsthal 44Møen ton tono. ton&ton ton tono by Københavns Billedkunstudvalg.